EPT/ELM Registration Information


On-line registration to take placement test(s) at all CSU campuses. To register for the test(s), please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on this ETS link.
  2. Select the link "Registration Information" from the "Related Links"
  3. Click on "Register Now"
  4. Enter User Name, Password, and Security
  5. Enter Personal Information
  6. Confirm Your Information
  7. Read and check to request for accommodations
  8. Select your campus
  9. Select the appropriate Test Date and Test Type  then click "Continue to Step 2"
  10. Enter Test Score Identification Information then click "Continue to Step 3"
  11. Confirm Your Information
  12. Click on the box "I understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions"
  13. Click on "Continue to Step 4: Payment"
  14. Select payment and click on "Continue"
  15. Complete payment information and click on "Buy"
  16. Print Confirmation



Stand-by may be available. Please email the Testing Office for more information. Stand-by is not guaranteed and candidates may be dismissed from the test center if spaces are not available. Standby test takers who do not have the following will not be allowed to take the placement test(s).

Standby test takers will need the following on the day of the test:

  1. Picture ID (valid State ID, valid driver’s license, valid passport, valid military ID, valid high school ID). Note: Expired IDs are not accepted. School IDs must be the most current year.
  2. Number 2 pencils.
  3. Check or money order payable to ETS for $18.00 if taking one test and $36.00 if taking both. Cash, debit cards, and credit cards are not accepted.
      • NOTE: Effective January 1, 2017 the EPT/ELM fee will be $20 for one test, $40 for both.



Extended time and/or disability-related accommodation requests need to be made four weeks prior to the test date. Please register for the test first and visit an Accessible Education Center (EAC) counselor as soon as possible with an order number or receipt. The AEC is located in the Administration Building, Room 110. Check the website for office hours.


Out-of-State and International Testing

Failure to follow strict deadlines will result in delays in score reporting and hinder your ability to enroll in courses. If you fail to meet the deadline for requesting materials or if you fail to mail back materials timely, please email the Testing Office as soon as possible.

Follow these instructions to request materials for Out-of-State SJSU students.

  1. Register from one of the options above and pick the out-of-state option (This applies to International Students as well).
  2. Follow directions from ETS. If ETS does not contact you, in two weeks, the Testing Office at SJSU.
  3. Take the placement test.
  4. Request proctor to send materials back before the deadline or as soon as the test is taken.

For Out-of-State and International SJSU students, follow these deadlines:


Request testing materials by

Deadline for ETS to receive materials

 Spring Admits

    October 14, 2016

   November 14, 2016

 Fall Admits

    April 1, 2017**

    May 6, 2017**

* All materials need to be received by the deadline, not postmarked.

 ** For International or Out of State students who have missed this deadline or have questions, please contact the Testing Office at testing-office@sjsu.edu.