How do I reschedule my test date or change test centers?

You can change your test center, test date or test type by logging into ETS.

To reschedule your registration without any charge, your request must be made no later than 2 weeks prior to the original test date (not including the day of the test or the day of your request). However, if you change your test center, test date or test type less than 1 week before the original test date, you will have to pay the full registration fee again.


What ID is considered valid for test day?

Valid forms of photo ID must have a recognizable photo of you. The ID must be current (no expired IDs) and the first and last names on your ID must match exactly with the name you registered with. You will be denied admission if your ID does not match exactly, even if the difference is small. 

Examples of acceptable photo IDs include:

    • Driver's licenses issued by any state within the United States
    • Federal issued IDs (United States passport, national ID, military ID, or a US-issued diplomatic ID)
    • Foreign passports with a recognizable photo (including foreign diplomatic IDs)
    • Student ID from a public school (must be current)
    • Work ID issued by a state in the United States or United States federal government

Examples of unacceptable IDs include

    • Social Security Card
    • Birth Certificates from any country
    • Any financial institution issued card with photo (Debit or Credit Card)
    • Any Membership ID with a photo 
    • DMV renewal without a photo or without identifying information
    • Foreign ID cards from any country besides the US
    • Any expired ID 
    • Any ID with a damaged, faded, or unrecognizable photo


Can courses I took in high school exempt me from taking the placement test(s)? 

No. Exemptions are earned through test scores and/or college-level credit in a course that satisfies the written communication or mathematical concepts requirement.

For more information on exemptions, click here.

Can I retake placement tests if I don't get a high enough score the first time?

The EPT (English Placement Test) can only be taken once.

You can retake the ELM (Entry Level Mathematics) examination more than once in an attempt to improve your placement.


Can I take courses this Summer to improve my placement in the Fall?

Yes, contact the SJSU EO 665 Coordinator, Director of Developmental Studies for more information.

If you attend a community college during the summer, you will be subject to their placement test(s). You will need to pass a course equivalent to English 1A (for the EPT) or Intermediate Algebra  (for the ELM) with a grade of C- (or better) in order to complete your remedial requirement. Courses lower than these will not improve your placement.


Can I take the placement test(s) at another CSU campus?

Yes, please contact the testing office at that CSU campus and follow their directions to register for the test(s). A list of CSU testing offices can be found here.


How do I transfer my scores to another CSU campus?

On the day of the test, you may select up to four campuses where you want your scores to be sent. If you have applied to more than four campuses, contact the other campuses to have their testing office, admissions department, or records department manually input your scores into their student database.


Will my scores from one CSU apply to all campuses or do I have to take the test(s) separately for each campus?

You only need to take the test(s) once. Scores can be transferred to other CSU campuses.


I passed the placement test(s) at a community college. Can I use this score to waive the placement test(s) for the CSU?

No, placement test(s) taken at other colleges are not recognized by the CSU. You will be placed based on your EPT/ELM scores only.


What happens if I don't finish my remedial courses within the allowed time?

Students who fail to remediate within a certain time limit (usually one year) are disenrolled from the university and placed on a one-year leave of absence. They must then attend a community college until their remediation is cleared. If they do this within the one-year leave, they will not have to reapply to the university.


If I am an international or out-of-state student, how do I complete the test(s) before attending orientation?

Please refer to the Out-of-State and International Students section.