WST Score Information

How long does it take for my score to be posted?

For most students:
Scoring for the WST takes about 3 weeks. You will receive a MySJSU message when your score is posted to your MySJSU account.

You can also view your score on MySJSU. In the Academics area of your Student Center, use the drop down menu and select CSU Campus Page. The score will be shown there. You may use a printout or a screenshot of this page as an unofficial score report.

If you received a temporary ID for the WST:
Your score report will be mailed about 3 weeks after your test date. 

    • You will not be able to view your scores on MySJSU, or register for any classes that require the WST, until you have a SJSU ID. This number is assigned during the application process.
    • As soon we you have your SJSU ID, please e-mail our office so we can transfer your score from the temporary ID to your MySJSU account. This is not done automatically. You must contact our office.
    • When you contact us, please provide:
      • Your first & last name
      • Your 9-digit temporary ID #
      • Your 9-digit SJSU ID #
      • The date that you took the WST
    • We will not be able to transfer your score if any information is missing.

If you are a graduate student:
If you are a graduate student and completed your undergraduate work at another school, your score may not appear on MySJSU. Should that occur, please e-mail us or visit our office to request a score report.


About Your Score

Your WST essay is scored by two readers, using a 0-6 point scale. The scores from both readers are combined to produce a total score (12 maximum).

Essay Score


Course Placement


    Waiver Eligible *

   Eligible to waive 100W*



   Enroll in 100W course in your major

    6 or lower


   Enroll in ENGL 100A or LLD 100A

* Some departments allow you to waive the 100W course if your WST score is 11 or 12. If 100W is waived, only the requirement will be lifted. You will not receive units. The following majors require completion of the 100W course (no waiver allowed, regardless of score): Chemistry, Economics, Engineering (all majors), English, Forensic Science, Geology, History, Justice Studies, Meteorology, Nursing, Psychology, Social Science, World Languages & Literature (all majors). Check with your major/faculty advisor for details.

** Beginning Fall 2017, 100A only requires 1 failed attempt on the WST. Students may retake the WST multiple times to achieve a higher score, but experience indicates that most students who do not pass the WST the first time are more successful when they take 100A. After passing 100A, you will be able to enroll in 100W.

For specific questions about scoring, contact the Writing Skills Test Coordinator, Sara Cook.

  • Essays will not be rescored for any reason. 
  • All writing submitted will only be used for WST purposes and will not be redistributed without your consent. Essays are retained for one WST cycle only; essays are not returned after scoring for any reason.
  • Click here for a PDF of the scoring guidelines. For sample essays, click here.


Requesting a Score Report

If you transfer to another CSU campus, our office can mail them an official score report.

    • Please download and complete an official score report request form.
    • Mail it back to our office with a check for $2 (payable to SJSU).
    • Once we receive the completed form and payment, we will send a score report within 5-7 days.
    • Scores are only valid for matriculated (or formerly matriculated) students.

If you are a graduate student, you may request a free unofficial score report at our office. Please provide a valid photo ID and your SJSU ID# when you come in.

Completion of the GWAR requirement at SJSU includes passing the WST test and attaining a "C" or better grade in the 100W course as a matriculated student. If you completed both the WST and 100W, your GWAR requirement will transfer. If you only took the WST, your WST result may or may not be transferable, at the discretion of the receiving campus.

You may send scores whether or not you are a matriculated student; however, in order for any California State University campus to accept the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) from another CSU campus, you need to have completed the requirement while you were a matriculated student.