WST Late Registration

Late Registration

If space is available, a limited number of late registration spaces will open on the Tuesday following the registration deadline.

  • If all seats are sold out, we will not offer late registration.
  • Late registration is only open to current SJSU students with valid SJSU ID numbers. There is an additional $15 charge, in addition to the regular registration fee. Fees are nonrefundable and may be subject to change.
  • Space is extremely limited. Approximately 50-150 spaces will open, depending on the total number of registered students, test sessions, and availability of staff.
  • Late registration will close on the Monday of the week of the exam or once all available spaces have been filled, whichever comes first. 
  • Late registrants will receive their admission tickets 1-2 days after late registration closes. Since late registration may not close until the Monday of the week of the exam, tickets may be received as late as the Wednesday of that week.
  • Room assignments and reporting times are assigned randomly to any remaining available spaces. We cannot assign specific times or change times once assigned. We strongly encourage all late registrants to reserve the entire day and make appropriate arrangements so that they can attend their assigned test session.