Registration Information (WST)

ALL registration for ALL test dates is closed until stay-at-home order is lifted and we resume business on campus.

Due to COVID-19, SJSU has instituted a temporary alternative to the WST. You may read about it here.


How to Register

Online registration is available for 1 WST date at a time. Click here for a list of dates.

Please read the instructions carefully to ensure that your registration is done correctly.
Most WST-related issues are caused by mistakes made during test registration.

To register for the test online:

    1. Click this CashNet link. 
      Choose either "Writing Skills Test" ($38) or "Late Registration Writing Skills Test" ($53).

    2. Complete personal information EXACTLY AS SHOWN ON YOUR ID (see notes below).
      Incorrect information may invalidate your test registration. We cannot issue refunds if this occurs.
      Credit cards only. No debit cards. Payment by check/money order (payable to SJSU) may be made in IS 228. Cash will only be accepted if exact change is given. We do not carry change.

    3. Click through the checkout process to "Submit Your Order".

After you register: 

    1. You will receive a receipt in your e-mail. Please keep it for your records.
      If you do not receive a receipt, your transaction was not successful.

    2. Your test time is randomly assigned. Typical times are 8:00am, 10:15am, 12:30pm, and 2:45pm. Reporting times and room assignments will be on your admission ticket, sent via MySJSU messaging about 1 week before the test. We cannot assign preferential times except in specific circumstances requiring accommodations. We encourage all testers to reserve the entire day (8am-5pm) so that you can attend the session you are assigned to. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours.

Important Notes:

    1. Registration is limited to a maximum of 2000 students. Please register early.

    2. It is very important that you register exactly as your name appears on your ID. This can be either your government-issued ID (driver's license, passport, military ID), or your SJSU Tower Card.  You will be denied admission if any of your information is missing, inaccurate, or invalid.

      If you have more than one last name, include them all in the Last Name field.
      Add any middle names after your first name in the First Name field.

    3. An active SJSU ID number is required. If you registered using a temporary ID number, please send us a copy of your test registration receipt after you register. If you register online with an inactive ID number, an incorrect ID number, an ID not in our records, or another student's ID, you will not receive an admission ticket and your registration fees will be forfeited. If you do not have an SJSU ID number, or yours is inactive, please e-mail us.

    4. Fees are nonrefundable and may be subject to change. Although the test may be taken multiple times, you may only register once for any given test date. Duplicate registrations will be invalidated and fees forfeited. All writing submitted becomes the property of SJSU and will not be redistributed without your consent. Essays are retained for one WST cycle only; essays are not returned after scoring for any reason.

Special Circumstances

Due to COVID-19, SJSU has instituted a temporary alternative to the WST. You may read about it here.