Do I need to take the TEAS exam?

Only nursing applicants need to take the TEAS test.


Can I register for the TEAS test even if I am not attending SJSU?

Yes, we can administer the TEAS exam for both SJSU applicants, plus any candidates applying to any other nursing program.

If you require accommodations and are not a SJSU student, please email the Testing Office for further instructions.


What ID is considered valid for test day?

You must present a current, undamaged photo ID with a clearly recognizable picture of you. Expired IDs are not acceptable. The name on your ID must match your registration exactly. Any variations may result in denial of admission into the exam.  

Examples of acceptable IDs include:

    • State issued driver's licenses from within the United States
    • Federal issued IDs (US passport, national ID, military ID, or US diplomatic ID)
    • Foreign passports (including foreign diplomatic IDs)
    • Student ID from a public school such as your CSU ID (including your current SJSU Tower ID)
    • State or US Federal Work ID (US only)  

Examples of unacceptable IDs include

    • Social Security Card
    • Any Birth Certificate from any country
    • Any financial institution issued card with photo (Debit or Credit Card)
    • Any Membership ID with a photo 
    • DMV renewal without a photo or without identifying information
    • Foreign ID cards from any country besides the US
    • Any expired ID 
    • Any ID with a damaged, missing, or unrecognizable photo
    • Any ID which does not match the name on the registration


What is an ATI Paper Pencil ID?

This is an unique registration number for each candidate taking the paper/pencil version of the TEAS. Our site does not administer the computer-based version of the TEAS.

Once an account at ATI testing has been set-up, you will be provided with an ATI Paper Pencil ID. This ID number is used for you and nursing programs to access your test score(s).

This ID is required on the day of the test.
Failure to have this ID will result in forfeiture of test fees.


How do I receive my admission ticket?

When you register, you will receive an e-mail receipt to confirm your payment. This is not your admission ticket, but if you did not receive this confirmation, there may be a problem with your registration.

Admission tickets will be sent via e-mail about a week prior to the test date. It will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided when you registered. 


What if I do not receive an admission ticket 3 days prior to the test date?

Contact the Testing Office as soon as possible via e-mail. When you contact us, please provide your first and last name, as well as your ATI Paper Pencil ID number.


Can I reschedule my TEAS test date?

You can move/reschedule your test date to a later date. You must e-mail the Testing Office prior to the registration deadline of your original test date in order to do so. (Example: If you are registered for April 4, 2009 but you want to reschedule the test for July 18, 2009, your last day to contact us to reschedule the test date is March 12, 2009.) 

If the registration deadline has passed, you must provide documentation to the Testing Office about your circumstances no later than 2 weeks after your test date. We will review your documentation to determine whether your test date will be moved. 

We can only reschedule once. If you cannot attend your rescheduled date, your fees cannot be transferred again. A new payment must be made to register again.


How long is the TEAS test?

It takes approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes.


What if I miss the registration deadline; is late registration available?

Late registration is not available for the TEAS test. You will have to register for the next available test date.


Will my TEAS V scores be accepted for my SJSU application to Nursing Department?

Even though we will administer the TEAS 6 test instead of the TEAS 5 test, your TEAS 5 scores will be accepted for your 2017 application to SJSU Nursing. Check with the Nursing Department if you are planning to apply for admission in 2018 or later.

For other Nursing Institutions, please confirm if their application process will still be accepting the TEAS 5 scores.