Online Proctoring

  1. All correspondence or questions should be sent via e-mail. If your institution requires a proctor verification form, fill out your portion and then e-mail the form to us, or fax it to (408) 924-5909.

  2. For online exams, please e-mail instructions to us. If you require than the test be mailed back, please send instructions via mail and provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Also provide a cover letter containing the following information:

    • Name of student.
    • Testing time limit.
    • Title of test.
    • Instructions on proctoring test (Example: open/closed book; restroom breaks allowed, etc.).
    • Any testing aids (Example: Calculator, Dictionary, etc.).
    • Proctoring password for the website and website to login
    • Instructions for irregularities:  include a contact person and phone number in case of any irregularities that occur during testing
    • Method of returning the test
  3. Tests will be kept for one month from the date the test is received to allow time for the candidate to make his/her appointment. The candidate can e-mail us to make an appointment after the Testing Office has received the test. The candidate will need to bring a valid photo ID and proctoring fees. We accept cash and checks only. Payment needs to be received on the day of the test. For emailed tests: if the testing office is required to print 10 pages or more, you will be assessed an additional $5 fee.

  4. Emailed tests will be returned via e-mail 36 hours after we administer the test. Please e-mail us if there are any concerns, or if we should keep the test for a longer period of time.

  5. If the institution is paying for proctoring fees, make checks or money orders out in U.S. dollars, payable to SJSU.