Makeup Exams (Students)

(services currently suspended, due to CV19)

Our office provides makeup exam services for SJSU students who are unable to complete exams at alternate times with their instructors during regular office hours. It is optional for instructors to use and will require instructor approval in advance. (SJSU courses only)

To request an exam:

    1. Talk to your instructor first. Our service is only available with their permission; instructors have the right to insist that you make up exams for the course according to the policies on their syllabus.

    2. Your instructor fills out a Makeup Request Form and sends it, along with a copy of the test, to (allow 2-3 business days for confirmation)

    3. Once we have confirmed receipt of your exam, your instructor will ask you to e-mail our office to request an appointment. (available M-F, 8:30-4:30pm - all testing must end by 4:30pm)
      • In the e-mail, provide: your full name, SJSU ID#, course, instructor, phone number, and 2-3 dates/times that you are available to test. (minimum 24 hours advance notice; no same-day tests)

On the day of your test:

    1. What to bring:
      • Bring a current government-issued photo ID and/or SJSU Tower Card.
      • You are responsible for providing any scantrons, blue books, and/or other materials required for your exam. Purchase them in advance from the Spartan Bookstore if you need any.
    2. After your exam is finished, please allow 2-3 business days for your exam to be returned to your instructor, plus additional time for grading.

Students who may require accommodations for makeup exams must contact the Accessible Education Center in advance to make appropriate arrangements.


makeup exam procedure