Credit By Examination Policies

Faculty/Staff Procedures for CBE

These guidelines are for faculty/staff, to supplement the student guidelines and information on Credit By Examination.

When a student brings you a CBE Petition:

    • Before you sign any CBE petition, check whether the student has met all prerequisites of the course that they are petitioning. If you are unable to determine whether all prerequisites have been met, request this information from the College Student Success Center Advisors.
    • Once you have determined that prerequisites are met, sign the petition and get a signature from your department chair. Return the completed petition form to the student and ask them to submit it, either in-person or electronically, to the Testing Office.
    • Do not begin work with the student until their CBE Petition has been approved.

When the CBE Petition is returned:

    • You will receive an e-mail from the Testing Office, requesting that you complete a Special Consultant Agreement form. This form is critical to ensure timely payment for your services. Without it, payment may be delayed by up to 6 months. Forms are valid for 1 academic year.
    • We will review all SCA forms prior to granting approval. During this process, we will consult with the appropriate Dean’s Office for your department.
    • Approval for each CBE is given on a case-by-case basis, depending on workload.
    • You will receive an followup e-mail from the Testing Office when the student's CBE Petition has been approved. Begin work with the student at that time.

Once the CBE Petition has been approved:
(steps vary depending on assessment type)

    • (Portfolio Review)
      Provide the student with the portfolio parameters and due date. Student submits the completed portfolio directly to you. Contact the Testing Office once you have graded the portfolio and a final grade is ready.
    • (Paper-based & Online/Canvas exams)
      Please e-mail all necessary exam materials and instructions to at least 1 week before the student is required to complete the exam. The Testing Office will proctor the test and, if applicable, return the test via e-mail.
    • (Lab exams)
      Provide the student with any required information and schedule a date/time for the exam. If you are not proctoring the lab exam personally, please notify the Testing Office. Any other staff assisting with the administration of the lab exam must also have the appropriate SCA paperwork on file.

After the exam is finished and graded:
Once you have graded the exam, e-mail us at with:

    • Course Name & Number
    • Student’s Name
    • Final grade (credit/no credit only)

You will not need to contact the student about their final grade. The Testing Office will notify the student about their grade once it has been posted. It will take about 4 weeks to process and post the final grade. If that processing time extends beyond the end of the semester, it will be posted next semester.