Faculty Services

The Testing Office supports our faculty by providing the following test services at no cost:

(services currently suspended, due to CV19)


Test Scoring Service (Scans)

The Testing Office offers scoring services for the blue T&E 200 answer sheet.

    • Our office provides green General Purpose Answer Key sheets. Due to budget constraints, we ask that you only take enough sheets for what you currently need.
    • We do not provide blue T&E 200 answer sheets. Please ask students to purchase them in advance from either the Spartan Bookstore or Robert's Bookstore before arriving for their test.
    • During the semester, please allow 2 business days for scoring. We will provide a score report that includes a statistical analysis report. All information and scores will be on the report. Student answer documents will not be marked.

For more information on the statistical analysis report, a guide to fill out the green answer key sheet, or information on how to request our test scanning service, click here.


Make-up Exams

The Testing Office provides make-up examinations for SJSU students, for courses taken at SJSU, on a case-by-case basis, for students who miss their regularly scheduled examination due to illness or emergencies. We accept paper exams and online exams (via Canvas).

    • For paper-based makeup exams, please click here.
    • For online makeup exams via Canvas, please click here.
    • Please submit exams to us at least 2 business days in advance.
      • Fill out a Makeup Request Form for each exam submitted, one per student. (The PDF can be completed electronically, make sure to save.) Makeup forms and exams can be sent via e-mail (makeup-exams@sjsu.edu), or you can bring it to our office. 
      • Advance notice (2 business days or more) is requested whenever possible. Occasionally we have questions for you. In emergency cases, we can provide same-day service if you deliver a hard copy of the exam to us personally. Exams received after 3pm are marked as received the next business day. Exams received on Friday/Saturday/Sunday will be available on Tuesday.
      • After we receive the exam, ask your student to e-mail our main office (testing-office@sjsu.edu) to set up an appointment to test. If the exam must be completed at a specific date/time, please contact us to confirm availability, especially during peak periods (finals week, etc).
    • Please note: Under the California State University Faculty Association Contract, faculty members are responsible to conduct examinations for their courses.
      • The service provided by our office is intended to assist SJSU faculty with individuals and/or small groups so that makeup exams can be administered outside of your scheduled office hours.
      • We are not able to accommodate entire class examinations.
      • Our service is only intended to supplement your ability to provide makeup exams for your students, in special situations, on a case by case basis. You must administer the majority of your course assessments. We cannot service individuals or groups for entire sequences of assessments.
      • For students who may need accommodations, please refer to AEC's testing information.


Credit By Examination

Effective Fall 2016, the Testing Office helps to coordinate the CBE process for faculty and students. Our services for faculty include:

    • Guidelines for working with students petitioning for CBE
    • Processing of Special Consultant Forms so faculty can receive payment for CBE
    • Proctoring services for Canvas and/or paper-based examinations for CBE
    • Consultation with instructors and/or departments about CBE implementation


Consulting Services

Our office will gladly work with instructors as thought partners to help brainstorm:

    • Test security & procedures
    • Assessment design & implementation
    • Data-driven instruction
    • Credit By Examination implementation

We will also gladly work with departments to help administer placement testing and/or other department needs whenever possible. Please e-mail our office if interested.