Precalculus Proficiency Assessment

IMPORTANT: For all questions about PPA or ALEKS PPL, e-mail us. Our office staff cannot assist with individual questions over the phone. 


About the PPA 

The Precalculus Proficiency Assessment (PPA), formerly known as the Calculus Placement Exam, is one way that students may show readiness for advanced mathematics courses. SJSU's PPA is conducted through ALEKS PPL, an adaptive online program to map student's abilities through assessments and knowledge checks. 

The PPA can be taken year-round, by student request; however, the program has preliminary work which must be completed before you test. Plan ahead so that you have time to complete the test well in advance of any deadlines that you may have.

Who needs to take the PPA? How do I begin?

Depending on your major course of study, some students may need to take the PPA if there are no other qualifying scores or coursework in your record. You may also opt to take the PPA even if you are waiting on other transcripts and/or test scores to arrive, to ensure that you will be able to enroll in classes. Consult your admissions advisor for more information.

Some students will be notified via MySJSU messaging.

Incoming freshman College of Engineering majors: please wait for a message from the College of Engineering.

All instructions and information for the PPA may be found on this Google Slides presentation.

Video Tutorials:
How to Access the PPA
How to Schedule and Take the PPA



Special Circumstances

  • I usually test with accommodations.
    If you receive disability-related accommodations, you must contact the SJSU Accessible Education Center (AEC) to arrange accommodations at least one month prior to testing.

  • I usually test with religious accommodations.
    If you receive religious accommodations, you must contact the SJSU Testing Office to arrange accommodations at least two weeks prior to testing. We can arrange a suitable appointment date/time.