WST Registration Information


There are 3 methods to register for the Writing Skills Test:

Note: If you do not have an SJSU ID number, please check Writing Skills Test FAQ.

  • Online Registration

If your payment cannot be processed, an error message will appear on the CASHNet website. In order to ensure registration, please check your e-mail for payment confirmation and MySJSU periodically for important updates. 

  1. Click on this CASHNet link.
  2. Read the following information about registration.
  3. Click on "Writing Skills Test."
  4. Complete personal information carefully. (Double check your name against the ID you will be using during check in. You will be denied entry into the test if your ID information is not accurate or valid)
  5. Click on "Add to Basket."
  6. Click on "Checkout."
  7. Complete payment information carefully.
  8. Click on "Continue Checkout."
  9. Click on "Submit Your Order."
  10. Print "Order Receipt."


  • Paper Registration
    1. Go to the Bursar's Office located in the Student Services Center.
    2. Locate the WST Registration Form.
    3. Fill out the information on both sides with a #2 pencil.
    4. Provide payment using cash, money order, cashier's check or personal check. Credit/Debit cards are not accepted.
    5. Obtain and keep a receipt.


  • Mail Registration

Registration forms are due in the Bursar's Office on or prior to the published registration deadline. Postmarks will not be accepted.

  1. Contact the Testing Office by e-mailing us with your first name, last name, and address.
  2. Once the registration form has been received, fill out teh information on both sides.
  3. Mail back the registration form with a check or money order to the address printed on the back of the registration form.


Late Registration

On January 2015, each day only 50 late registration spots will be sold.  Late registration will open on the Tuesday following the registration deadline. Once all available spots have been exhausted, you will have to register for the next test date and the late registration product will not be available to be added on your cart. Late registration fees are an additional $15.00 and will be added to the regular registration fee.  These fees are non-refundable and subject to change. Late registration can only be done online and will be sold to students who have SJSU ID NumbersStudents, who do not have SJSU ID's, will have to register for the next available testing date. See below for the late registration spots depending on the number of sessions.


Number of Session

Late Registration

 Days Each Starting

at 10:00AM

Total Number of

Late Registration


 One Session



 Two Sessions

  Tuesday and Wednesday


 Three Sessions

  Tuesday, Wednesday and



 Four Sessions

  Tuesday, Wednesday,

  Thursday and Friday




Extended time and/or disability related accommodation requests need to be made four weeks prior to the test date. For extended time and/or disability related accommodations, please register for the test first and visit the Accessible Education Center (AEC) counselor as soon as possible with an order number or receipt. The AEC is located in the Administration Building, Room 110. Check the website for office hours.

Follow the directions below:

  1. Contact the Accessible Education Center (AEC) for an appointment to see a counselor.
  2. Attend the scheduled appointment.
  3. Contact the Accessible Education Center (AEC) if you do not receive a notice within one week prior to the test date.

Religious related accommodation requests need to be made 3 weeks prior to the test date. Students requesting this accommodation will need to register for the test during regular registration. Late registration candidates cannot be accommodated. Students must provide a letter from the religious institution (on letterhead) explaining why they cannot test on a Saturday.  The letter must contain the student's full name, the date, and the official's signature. The letter can be mailed to or dropped off at the Testing Office, Industrial Studies Building, Room 228.