Registration Information (WST)


Registration for the WST is done online and requires a valid SJSU ID number. 
If you do not have an SJSU ID number, please visit WST FAQ.

To begin:

    1. Click this CashNet link. Read the information there carefully, then click on "Writing Skills Test".
    2. Complete personal information carefully and accurately. It is very important that you register exactly as your name appears on your ID. You will be denied admission if any of your information is inaccurate or invalid. 
    3. Click on "Add to Basket", then click "Checkout".
    4. Complete payment information.
    5. Click on "Continue Checkout", then click "Submit Your Order".
    6. Print "Order Receipt".

Fees are nonrefundable and may be subject to change.

If your payment cannot be processed, an error message will appear.

You will receive a confirmation receipt from CashNet when your transaction is completed. Please check your e-mail to view your receipt.

Important: Your receipt is not your admission ticket!


Admission Tickets

Admission tickets will be sent to your MySJSU messages (not e-mail) 1 week before the exam. The ticket will have your room number, exam time, and other directions on it. You must print the ticket (no electronic copies) and bring it with you to the exam. 

If you have not received a ticket, check back later. If you still have not received a ticket by 3 days before the exam, please contact us at

For students with AEC accommodations, AEC will send a MySJSU message containing updated testing confirmation and information one week prior to the exam. Please follow the directions on your MySJSU message for updated information.  


Late Registration

Late registration is only open to current SJSU students with valid SJSU ID numbers. There is an additional $15 charge, in addition to the regular registration fee. Fees are nonrefundable and may be subject to change.

A limited number of late registration spaces open on the Tuesday following the registration deadline. Space is extremely limited. Approximately 50-150 spaces will open, depending on the total number of registered students, test sessions, and availability of staff. Late registration will close on the Monday of the week of the exam or once all available spaces have been filled, whichever comes first. 


Extended time and/or disability related accommodation requests need to be made four weeks prior to the test date. Accommodations are processed by the Accessible Education Center (AEC), located in the Administration Building, room 110. 

Follow the directions below to request accommodations:

    1. Register for the test first.
    2. Contact the Accessible Education Center (AEC). Visit the AEC website for office hours and contact information. You will need to provide a copy of your receipt.
    3. Make an appointment to see an AEC counselor.
    4. Attend the scheduled appointment.
    5. Contact the Accessible Education Center (AEC) if you have not received a notice by one week prior to the test date.


We honor requests for religious accommodations.  Any requests must be accompanied by an official letter no later than 3 weeks prior to the test date. Please submit a letter from your religious institution (on official letterhead) with:

    • your full name
    • the date
    • the reason why you cannot test on Saturday
    • the official's signature and contact information

Letters can be mailed in or dropped off in-person to IS 228.


Out of Area Students

Students studying abroad and students who live more than 50 miles away from SJSU may request to have their WST proctored at an approved testing center in their area. (Currently only available in English-speaking countries.)

To request to have your WST proctored:

    1. E-mail the Testing Office to request to have your WST proctored. Provide your full name, SJSU ID#, and a PDF of your ID (driver's license, passport, or other proof of residence).
    2. If approved, we will send back a Proctor Request Form for you to complete. Please bookmark this e-mail; we will use it for all correspondence during the process. We receive a lot of e-mail. Separate e-mails may result in delays in processing time.
    3. You will need to locate a testing center in your area and ask them if they would be able to proctor your exam. When you locate a center, complete the Proctor Request Form with their help
    4. Register online for the WST before the registration deadline. We do not offer late registration for Out of Area WSTs. If you register after the deadline, your test will be shipped with the next test cycle.
    5. Attach the completed Proctor Request Form and a copy of your receipt as a reply to the e-mail that we sent you in Step 1. After this step is complete, your exam will be mailed to your designated testing center. We will send a confirmation e-mail to let you know that your test has been shipped.
    6. Allow 3-4 business days for your test to arrive at your designated testing center. Schedule an appointment with your testing center to complete the exam within 30 days of your test's arrival. 
    7. Arrive early to your appointment with a pen, your ID, and registration materials. When you arrive, please bring a check (payable to SJSU) to cover the shipping cost of your exam, and give that check to your testing center to enclose with your exam. Additionally, please be prepared to make a separate payment to your testing center, if applicable, to cover any fees that your testing center may charge for their proctoring service.
    8. Complete your exam, then have your testing center ship the test back to us when you finish.
    9. Once your exam arrives at SJSU, please allow 4-6 weeks for your exam to be graded. You will receive a notification via MySJSU messaging once your scores have been posted. 

All fees are nonrefundable and may be subject to change.