How do I get my admission ticket?

How can I prepare for the WST?

How long is the test?  

How can I reschedule my WST?

How can I take the WST if I live far from SJSU?

How do I request a score report?

How can I register or receive scores if I do not have an SJSU ID Number?

You cannot register online for the test without an SJSU ID Number. You will need to request a paper registration form. Please e-mail to request a temporary ID number and a paper registration form by mail.

The temporary ID is not an SJSU ID number. It will only be used for the test.

Once you receive your SJSU ID number, send us an e-mail with your full name, the assigned ID you were given, and your SJSU ID number. We will upload your scores to your account within 3 business days. You can enroll for classes after the scores have been posted.

Do freshmen need to take the WST?

Freshmen do not need to take the WST during their first semester. Most already completed the English Placement Test prior to enrollment. However, many freshmen neglect to take the WST after completing their second-semester composition course (or other qualifying course).

Please take the WST as soon as you qualify. Read more on qualifying criteria here

Do I need to take the WST even though I have an Associate's Degree?

Yes.  The WST is part of the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR), which all CSU undergraduates must meet in order to complete their degrees.

When does a transfer student/sophomore have to take the WST?

Take the WST as soon as you complete equivalent qualifying coursework at your school.

Read more on course-to-course articulation here.
Read more on qualifying criteria for the WST here

Engineering transfer students: take the WST after completing ENGL 1B.

Nursing transfer students: take the WST before you apply to SJSU. You will need the WST score on file before the Nursing Department will process your application.

If you have graduated from another CSU campus, please ask their Testing Office (or GWAR Office) to either fax a score report to (408) 924-5909 or mail a score report to:

SJSU Testing Office
One Washington Square (IS 228)
San Jose, CA 95192-0039

Do I have to take the WST if I am a graduate student?

Currently, you do have to take the WST to take 200W. Please see your major department advisor for more details if your major does not have a 200W course. 

If you are not certain that courses you have taken are equivalent to English 1A and English 1B, please follow the directions below or contact your Graduate Advisor for assistance:

    • Visit Articulation and then select Course to Course.
    • Select the college you attended. If your college is not listed, please email your Graduate Advisor.
    • Scroll down to English Courses (SJSU courses are on the left column, the right column lists course numbers at your college.)


Can I take the WST if I have not completed a second semester English (or an equivalent course) as an Undergraduate student?


However, we highly recommend completing a second-semester composition course or other qualifying course with a grade of "C-" or better (not "D+") before registering for the WST. It will help prepare students to pass the WST.

Courses in progress are acceptable, but we recommend registering for the WST towards the later half of the semester, once you are nearly finished with the course.