Writing Skills Test (WST)

General Information

All SJSU students complete the WST as part of the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR), implemented systemwide through all the CSU campuses in 1977 to evaluate university-level writing skills. 

Students must complete the WST before they have completed 75 undergraduate units. 
Some graduate programs require the WST to be eligible for graduate standing.

Learn more about the WST here.


Upcoming WST Test Dates

Please plan ahead and register early. Test registration is limited to the first 2000 students.
You must complete the WST at least 3+ weeks in advance of any deadlines for registration and/or admission, otherwise your scores may not be available in time.

The cost to register is $38. (Late registration $15 extra)
Fees are non-refundable and may be subject to change.

Registration is only open for one date at a time. Once we close registration for one test date, we will begin registration for the next WST one week later.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for Feb 3 closes on Jan 18 at 5pm.
Late registration for Feb 3 WST ($53) opens online on M Jan 22 at noon.
The next WST after that will be in late April. Register early!

      Test Date    

Important Deadlines & Information

February 3, 2018

 Registration period: October 10 - January 18 (5:00pm)
 AEC Requests due by January 3

 Late registration: January 22 - 30 (5:00pm) | # of spaces: TBA
 Admission tickets: sent by 1/26 (late registration by 1/31)
 Scores published by February 24 (estimated)

April 21, 2018

 Registration period: January 22 - March 29 (5:00pm)
 AEC Requests due by March 21

 Late registration: April 2 - 16 (5:00pm) | # of spaces: TBA
 Admission tickets: sent by 4/13 (late registration by 4/18)
 Scores published by May 12 (estimated)

June 16, 2018

 Registration period: April 2 - May 24 (5:00pm)
 AEC Requests due by May 16

 Late registration: May 29 - June 11 (5:00pm) | # of spaces: TBA
 Admission tickets: sent by 6/8 (late registration by 6/13)
 Scores published by July 7 (estimated)

July 21, 2018

 Registration period: May 24 - June 28 (5:00pm)
 AEC Requests due by June 21

 Late registration: July 2 - 16 (5:00pm) | # of spaces: TBA
 Admission tickets: sent by 7/13 (late registration by 7/18) 
 Scores published by August 11 (estimated)

September 15, 2018

 Registration period: July 2 - August 23 (5:00pm)
 AEC Requests due by August 15

 Late registration: August 27 - Sept 10 (5:00pm) | # of spaces: TBA
 Admission tickets: sent by 9/7 (late registration by 9/12)
 Scores published by October 6 (estimated)

October 20, 2018

 Registration period: August 27 - September 30 (5:00pm)
 AEC Requests due by September 20

 Late registration: October 1 -15  (5:00pm) | # of spaces: TBA
 Admission tickets sent by 10/12 (late registration by 10/17)
 Scores published by November 10 (estimated)

2019 Test Dates

 Coming soon!
 Dates will be available October 2018

Requests for accommodations must be made with AEC 4 weeks in advance of the test.

Register for the WST

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