California Government

This examination fulfills GE American Institutions, Area F3. This is a 60 minute multiple-choice examination that can be taken twice (2) to pass. 35 correct items out of 50 is passing. There is a two week waiting period between retests.

Suggested Reading List

    1. Gerston, Larry N. & Christensen, Terry. (2014) California Politics and Government: A Practical Approach, (13th edition).Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing.ISBN 978-0495566502
    2. Field, Mona. (2008) California Government and Politics Today, (12th edition). Publisher: Longman. ISBN 978-0205620074
    3. Hyink, Bernard & Provost, David. (2006) Politics and Government in California, (17th edition). Publisher: Longman. ISBN 978-0321436085
    4. Korey, John L. (2008) California Government, (5th edition). Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing. ISBN 978-0547041933
    5. DeBow, Ken & Syer, John C. (2008) Power and Politics in California, (9th edition). Publisher: Longman. ISBN 978-0205701131
    6. Lawrence, David G. (2009) California: The Politics of Diversity, (6th edition). Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing. ISBN 978-0495570974

Reading more than one of these is advised. Editions close to those recommended may be substituted. The following topics should be studied:

    • California's Early Constitution
    • Growth and Population Characteristics of California
    • Political Parties
    • Direct Democracy
    • Elections
    • Campaigns
    • Interest Groups
    • The Courts, the Legislature, the Governor and the Executive Branch
    • Local Government
    • Major Issues in Public Policy (such as education and immigration)

If you have any questions about preparing for the California Government Waiver Exam, contact Professor James Brent, Department Chair, at 408-924-5550.