American Government/US Constitution

This examination fulfills GE American Institutions, Area F2. This is a 90 minute multiple-choice examination that can be taken two (2) times to pass. 70 correct items out of 100 is passing. This exam covers mainly Government and Politics. There is a two week waiting period between retests.

Suggested Reading List:

    1. Dye, Thomas R. & Sparrow, Bartholomew (2008) Politics in America, (8th edition). Publisher: Person Education. ISBN 978-0136027188
    2. Edwards, George C. & Wattenberg, Martin P. & Lineberry, Robert L. (2009) Government in America, (14th edition). Publisher: Longman. ISBN 978-0205663156
    3. Ginsberg, Benjamin & Lowi, Theodore J. & Weir, Margaret & Spitzer, Robert J. (2008) We the People: An Introduction to American Politics, (7th edition). Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company. ISBN 978-0393932669
    4. Welch, Susan & Gruhl, John & Comer, John & Rigdon, Susan M. (2009) Understanding American Government, (12th edition). Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing. ISBN 978-0495568407

Most other introductory textbooks published after the 2000 election should suffice as well. Make sure that they cover the following topics: types of governments, the Founding and the Constitution, Federalism and Separation of Powers, Individual Liberties and Rights, Congress, The Presidency, Bureaucracy, The Federal Judiciary, Public Opinion, Elections, Political Parties, Campaigns, Interest Groups, the Media, Public Policy, Government and the Economy, Foreign Policy.

If you have any questions about preparing for the American Government/US Constitution Waiver Exam, contact Professor James Brent, Department Chair, at 408-924-5572.