Waiver Exams

These exams are administered on an individual basis. Passing these waiver exams satisfies a requirement, but does not yield any unit credit.

These exams waive the following requirements:

  1. US History (GE - American Institutions, Area F1)
    • Discontinued as of July 1, 2016. You will have to take the CLEP equivalent.
  2. American Government/US Constitution (GE - American Institutions, Area F2)
    • Discontinued as of July 1, 2016. You will have to take the CLEP equivalent.
  3. California Government (GE - American Institutions, Area F3)
    • This exam is available but will soon be discontinued (date TBA).
    • Currently, there is no equivalent CLEP exam. After the waiver exam is discontinued, you may need to contact the History department to request Credit By Examination (CBE) instead.

To register for a waiver exam:

  1. Prepare for the exam using the waiver exam reading list:

  2. E-mail the Testing Office approximately 1-2 days prior to make an appointment.

  3. Before arriving to take exam, prepare these items:

    • Valid, current state-issued photo ID
    • Either check, money order or cashier's check payable to SJSU or cash (bring exact change)
      • SJSU students (Tower ID card required to verify): $11.00
      • Non-SJSU students: $15.00

Scores take approximately 5 business days to process.

The Waiver Exams described above do not earn unit credit toward graduation and differ in this regard from "Challenge Exams" (also known as Credit by Examination) which are administered by individual faculty or departments and do earn graduation credit.

For more information on Credit By Examination, please e-mail the Testing Office.