Proctoring Services

Our office provides proctoring services for exam(s) from other institutions and professional organizations. We proctor both paper-based and online exams.


Proctoring Fees

Effective September 1, 2016, our proctoring rates are:

    • $35 for the first hour
    • $10 for each additional half hour (or portion of) 

We accept proctoring appointments Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm.

    • First appointment begins at 8:30am. All testing concludes at 4:30pm. Please schedule your appointment with enough time to complete your exam no later than 4:30pm. 

Please be advised that we only accept cash, checks, or money orders. (Credit cards, ATM/debit cards and prepaid credit cards are not accepted).

Additional fees may apply for paper-based proctoring (click for details). 


To schedule a proctored exam:

  1. Contact the Testing Office via e-mail to schedule an appointment. Please include any relevant information about your exam:
    • Name of institution
    • Type of exam (paper-based or online)
    • Course name (if applicable), or type of certification
    • Your institution's contact information and any information/forms they need from us (if any)
    • Best phone # to reach you
    • Date/time you would like to take the exam (please give 2 possible dates/times, just in case)
  2. Before arriving to take the exam(s), prepare these items:
    • An original valid recognizable US Federal or US State Issued picture/signature I.D. (Preferably driver's license) or valid recognizable foreign passport 
    • Download a campus map. Please plan ahead for driving directions.
    • Check or cash for payment


Our Assurances

The Testing Office at San Jose State University will:

    1. Check all identification to verify the identity of the candidate taking an exam.
    2. Monitor the candidate for the entire duration of the test to prevent irregularities.
    3. Include an irregularity report together with the test if an irregularity has occurred.
    4. Return test materials to the institution if the test has not been attempted by the candidate or the test has not be authorized by the institution.
    5. Keep the test in a secure location.