Proctoring Services

Our office provides proctoring services for exam(s) from other institutions. Two different kinds of proctoring services are offered for the community.

  1. Paper-based proctoring
  2. Online proctoring


Proctoring Fees

Our proctoring rates for testing are $20 for the first hour and $10 for each additional half-hour. We only take cash, checks, or money orders. (No credit cards, ATM/debit cards or prepaid credit cards are accepted). Additional fees may apply for paper proctoring (see Paper-based proctoring for details).


Our Assurances

The Testing Office at San Jose State University will:

  1. Check all identification to verify the identity of the candidate taking an exam.
  2. Monitor the candidate for the entire duration of the test to prevent irregularities.
  3. Include an irregularity report together with the test if an irregularity has occurred.
  4. Return test materials to the institution if the test has not been attempted by the candidate or the test has not be authorized by the institution.
  5. Keep the test in a secure location.