Paper Based Make-up Policy

New expanded services for Fall 2016!

Beginning Fall 2016, we are now able to accept and return makeup exams via e-mail. Makeup exams can be submitted to a new e-mail address (available soon).

Please allow 2 business days for processing time when submitting e-mails, and 2 business days for us to scan/return via e-mail. For faster processing, you may still drop off and pick up exams in person (preferred).

Our updated procedures are as follows:

    1. Download and fill out a Makeup Exam Info Sheet for each exam, one per student.
      • All fields are necessary. If any information is missing, we may contact you before working with your student, which may delay processing.
    2. Deliver the exam materials:
      • (If you e-mail the exam to us) Please e-mail exam materials and the completed info sheet to at least 2 business days before the exam needs to be taken. We recommend allowing a window of time for the student to complete their exam, beginning 2 days after you submit the exam to our office.
      • (If you deliver the exam in-person) Please deliver the exam and info sheet to the Testing Office (Industrial Studies, Room 228). We prefer advance notice, but in urgent cases we can do makeups with less than 2 days' notice if we can speak with you in-person to clarify all arrangements.
    3. After the exam is delivered:
      • (E-mail) We will send a confirmation e-mail once we have received your exam materials. At that point, please ask your student to e-mail our office to make an appointment with us to complete their exam. Students may request appointments via e-mail at
      • (In-person) If your student is with you when you drop off the exam, we can administer the exam at the next available time slot. If they are not, please ask them to e-mail our office to make an appointment. Students may request appointments via e-mail at
      • Please note: we will only confirm a student appointment if we have received and processed your exam.
    4. When the exam is completed, or the deadline is reached:
      • Our office will contact you.
      • (Exam Not Complete) We will follow your instructions from the info sheet.
      • (Exam Completed) We will return the exam to you, according to your instructions from the info sheet. Finished makeup exams are available for immediate pickup, in-person, M-F 8am-5pm. Please allow 2-3 days for processing time if you requested scan/e-mail, or 4-7 days if the test is returned through campus mail.
      • Please Note: We are not responsible for lost/damaged exams through campus mail. Processing times may vary during high-volume periods (final exams, etc). In urgent cases, we recommend picking up exams in-person because they will be available immediately.

Please e-mail us if you have any questions.
Wait times for phone calls may vary if we are working with students.


The Testing Office will provide the following assurances:

    1. We provide a safe, comfortable, distraction-free environment for students to take their tests.
    2. We will report any irregularities to the instructor, including students cheating, failing to follow directions, or not abiding by the test time limits. 
    3. We will keep all tests in a secure location.