EPT/ELM Scores Information

Score Reports

Scores take 4-6 weeks to process.  Your score report will be mailed to the address that you provided when you took your placement test.

To view your score report:

  • If you have your pin number, score reports can be accessed on-line at EPT/ELM Scores. Unofficial scores can be printed from the website.
  • For SJSU students, scores can be accessed on MySJSU
      1. From the Student Center, click on "My Academics".
      2. On the next screen, click on "CSU FacGrad Campus Page" at the lower left.
      3. Print the screen for your unofficial score report.
  • Duplicate score reports can be requested from ETS by e-mail


EPT Scores

EPT scores do not determine placement in writing courses. You decide which course to take based on your history as a writer and your needs as a student of writing. You need your EPT score to choose the right First Year Writing Course for you.

All entering freshmen will need to explore the First Year Writing course options so you can find the course that meets your needs and major requirements.

Any student, regardless of EPT score, may choose between two versions of our entry-level college writing course: either the yearlong Stretch English course (English 1AF and 1AS) or the one-semester English 1A. The Reflection on College Writing will help with this decision.

The Reflection on College Writing modules must be completed before you attend Orientation. Click here to view the Reflection deadlines.

For questions on how to choose your course or how to complete the Reflection on College Writing, please e-mail directedselfplacement@sjsu.edu.

 EPT Scores 

 Summer Requirement 

 Course Options 

146 & Below

Early Start and the
Reflection on College Writing

English 1AF & 1AS 
English 1A


The Reflection on College Writing only

English 1AF & 1AS
English 1A

Students who score 146 or below on the EPT must also enroll in Early Start (or an equivalent summer bridge program for EOP students and student athletes). This is required for all California residents who are entering a CSU with remedial needs. 

Early Start courses offer students a bridge to college-level writing. Students who participate in Early Start will complete DSP as part of the summer bridge to college writing.

For more information about Early Start, click here.
For questions about Early Start, please e-mail earlystart@sjsu.edu.

Please Note:

    • Students can only take the EPT test once.
    • English 1AF is the first course of a two-course sequence. Students choosing this option will also need to enroll in English 1AS in the subsequent term to complete their GE Area A2 coursework requirement.


ELM Scores

Students who score below 50 on the ELM must enroll in remedial mathematics course(s), depending on their ELM score:

ELM Scores

First Semester

Second Semester


Math 1005A

Math 1005B


GE Math


For more information on specific math courses, e-mail the Mathematics Department.

Note: Students can retake the ELM test to attain a passing score.